What is Udaan App?, How to Work Udaan App in 2021

how to work udaan app in 2021

In today’s article we will know about the Udaan App that what is Udaan app? How to Download Udaan App? I have been given information about the Udaan App.

By the way, you will find quite a lot on Internet Shopping Store from where you can shopping online. As such that Amazon, Flipkart, Joi Mart, Etc. But Udaan App is Best Online B2B Buying For Retailer App.

Where you can sell your products in bulk and purchase in retailer or bulk. The Udaan App can use Buyer and Seller both people. This is a Best App to Online Business.


What is Udaan App?

Udaan App is an online B2B E-Commerce Platform. Which join online to all the small and big dealers. It helps to grow offline business in a way to grow.

Udaan app

This app was launched to 14 June 2017 on Google Play Store. Yet this app has downloaded it more often than 5 millions on the Google Play Store.

The Udaan App Factory connects to Direct Online Market. This app provides you all kinds of products in Retailer and Bulk. Which would hardly give an app provide.

How to Download Udaan App?

Udaan App Google Play Store and App Store are available at both platform. If you have an iOS user then you can download it from the App Store. If you have an Android users then you download it from Google Play Store.

Step 1. Open you to Google Play Store / App Store App in your Device.

Step 2. Search and search by writing “Udaan” in BAR. And now you will see the Udaan App. Take it up to you.

How to Create Account on Udaan App?

STEP 1. After having Download , open this app. Whatever Permission will ask allow them. Then click on Get Started.

Step 2. Click on Accept and Continue by ticking their policy.

Step 3. Now you click on OTP by ENTER to your MOBILE number. Now click continue by fill on OTP.

Step 4. Now a form will come in front of you. He will ask you to your personal details. Such as Name, Shop Name, Pin Code, Etc. After this, click Continue.

Step 5. Now you select your shop’s Category. After this you have your documents such as Photo, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Etc. Upload to.

Step 6. After this there will be a last steps. KYC of your account will be kept. Take your details right-right for KYC. After being KYC Complete your account will be ready.

How to sell products on Udaan App?

To sell products on the Udaan App should be the full KYC of ACCOUNT.

Sell ​​products to Udaan to add you to the Udaan App at your products. And write a good description in your products.

After this, whenever any user likes your products then he will call you. On the call you also give full information to the user in the products.

After this, your product will look good, then it will pursue.


I hope that you article “What is Udaan App?, How to Work Udaan App“. If you have any confusion related to this Udaan Article then you can tell us your doubt through Comment or Email.

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