EZ Stars Injector

we play plenty of games, right? And I think if we are here today then we are regular players of the MLBB game. It’s clear that we are bored of using the same old skins and things in the game and we like a free solution to obtain all of the premium objects for free. If yea then this EZ Stars Injector is the app that can help you.

EZ Stars Injector

When we play a game we play it for its gameplay. But when we are used to the gameplay we then wanted to customize our characters and use additional items in our game.

This is somewhat of a difficult task for many people as they find themselves either paying for these features or deprived of not using them due to the shortage of funds. In any circumstance, this EZ Stars Injector can assist you.

The EZ Stars Injector is a 3rd party application. It is used with the MLBB to obtain all of the premium skins of the various characters for free. Moreover, we can get other backgrounds of different places in our lobby and other menu screens.

This will give a whole unique touch to our game and our mood will be improved as we will no longer be using all the old items over and over again.


Additional Information

Version V3.1
Size 7.1 MB
Developer Heru
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 17 April 2022
Category Injectors
Get it on the Play Store Not Available


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The EZ Stars Injector is not stand-alone app. we must have the MLBB game installed on our phone. After that this app will function as it will be unlocking some premium items for us in the game.

After installing the app what we can desire from it is that it can offer us free premium skins of more than 97 heroes of the MLBB so we can create them look cool. Moreover, we will be getting different amazing effects for additional effects like spawn, recall, death emotes, etc.


EZ Stars Injector Apk

Let’s examine some of the features of the EZ Stars Injection to know more about it in the down section.

Map Skins

If we install EZ Stars Injector and use it with our MLBB game then we will bring some cool map skins. we can say goodbye to the old skins of our maps and use the ones delivered by this app.

Character Skins

Nowadays, there are over 96 further heroes in the MLBB game. And purchasing and unlocking their skins is very challenging. It will cost us a lot of funds. So if we want skins for our favorite heroes, we can simply install the EZ Stars Injector and control all the premium skins including Mage, Marskman, Assassin, Fighter, and Tank.


Counting a bit more diversity to the app, we can get various backgrounds for different menu items. we can have our favorite spots and placed them as backgrounds for our lobby. So next while anyone who will come to our lobby will get impressed. Other menu places can also have these custom backgrounds.

No Ban

EZ Stars Injector app uses smart technology. So by utilizing it our account will not be compromised. It is one of the most suitable injectors for MLBB that I have come across. So feel free to use it at any chance.

MLBB Battle Effects

There are further battles effects in the MLBB. Like when we are spawned, an effect is created. Or any notification that comes during battle has its notifications. So any effects that this game presently has can be customized with the effects delivered by this injector.


The EZ Stars Injection is the app for all the individuals who want to level up their gameplay of the MLBB. we will have some cool skins and effects with this app. And what’s better impressive is that we won’t need any kind of rooting for our phone to run it.

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